Our Servicesservices

Our PedSuite Pediatrics Software is offered as two different Services:

  1. Use PedSuite Pediatrics Software under our domain (ie www.pedsuite.com/doctors_name)
  2. Use PedSuite Pediatrics Software under your own domain name (ie www.doctors_name.com) 1
Using PedSuite under our domain

You can use our domain to host your own personal copy of PedSuite Pediatrics Software. Your personal copy of the PedSuite Software can be accessed through our domain name by typing in a URL similar to this: www.pedsuite.com/doctors_name

Your patients will also access their patient portal using the above domain name.

Every copy of the PedSuite Pediatrics Software that is installed under our domain is secure and kept seperate from every other installation, basically for every doctor there is a seperate installation and database used. This way we ensure complete safety for every PedSuite installation.


Using PedSuite under your own domain1

We can build you your very own personal website that uses your name (or any other name) as the domain URL (ie. www.doctors_name.com). This way you can have a professional Pediatrics website in which you can publish any information you want and also use our PedSuite Pediatrics Software under your website. The benefits of having your own personal website are:

  • Advertising your office
  • Publishing your own important Pediatrics Health Information (pictures, journals, events etc)
  • Having your own email address in the form of info@doctors_name.com
  • Send group emails to your patients
  • Unlimited pages to publish information
  • Use our PedSuite Software under your name (this way patients always visit your website to access their information)


1. To use our PedSuite Software under your own domain we must create and host your website.